Joseph Kane

In my walk with God, He has been very kind and forgiving.  He has always answered my prayers, both directly and indirectly.  He has given me the talents to serve you through the gift of music to help glorify His name.  The worship team allows me to use this talent of music to illustrate the Word of God through music.  I pray that God enables me to play music that will help transform the lives of others.  May God bless the efforts and music of the team in order that others may benefit from His Word.

I am a person who has always had Jesus in my life and pray that that relationship continues.  I consider one of my greatest gifts to be my  wife and 3 children, and more recently a new grandson.

My interests are playing music, both drums and guitar and mentoring others to do the same.  Other interests include, gardening, recreational shooting, both hand and long guns, home improvement projects, listening to music, classical, jazz, rock country and christian. 

I attended Mainland High School, Seton Hall University,  where I majored in Sociology and Classical Music History.  I attended Washington and Lee Lexington in Virginia for law.    

Current Goals: 

1. To be as loving and friendly to my family and fellow man.

2.  To give back to God through music the talent he has given me. 

3. To become a better shooter and guitarist

Note: These goals are subject to change depending on A; failure to reach goal, or B; a new one being set.